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hey wait a sec O_O

does that mean that the busdriver drove with that bus for almost 30 years without stopping? O_o how the hell did they get gas inside of that thing? 0_0
that was the first thing i thought of when i saw that busdriver at the running tracks =_=
other then that XD great movie, was really awesome

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i picture a young boy or girl, that is in her/his room. Looking out the window as suddenly they get an insight, as they want to change the world maybe, and make it a better place, for everyone to be together in peace and harmony. As their gaze shifts over to a picture of their father, who died in a war, they smile lightly. thinking that if it where to be so things would have been different. They would still all be together as one. They stand up and walk outside where they see their mother, sitting in the couch, and vast asleep clutching a picture oh their father. The eyes of the child would be soft and sad, but still determined. Somehow... they will make it work and show them all even the tinyest diffirence can make a huge impact. And they would start right here, for their dad always said to them "theres no giving up until you tried with everything you have, so get out there and shine".

that's basically what i thought while listening to this, it's a great piece and i love the melodies in here. It's very touching and i hope you will make lots more of this! Bosa your a gifted person! go out there and change the world! ok that was a bit dramatical but still... great job man!

Bosa responds:

You paint a very good image. But I'm not very gifted lol. I can assure you that more is to come!

awesome sauce

this song is just great! i love the melody overall here.
i am just wondering why your not very known here on newgrounds
your songs are so cool you just HAVE to be one of the best Newgrounds audio artists on here... you should get a lot more credit O3O
annyways great job ^^ hope to keep hearing awesome audio submissions from you!

wow man!

simply... awesome! i don't have any other words for this O_O
you know... i don't know if you guys are still going at it.. but if you are JEEZ you can become great!!! you really got potential =D
especially when you can get me all smiling and jumping on my chair along the song XDDD

hyperactive crazyness come to the dark side we got yaoi!!

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